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 Tired of translating in your head when you speak Italian?

Learn how to finally memorize and remember words and expressions long term to get rid of mental translation.

This is what happens if you use translations in your mother tongue when learning Italian:

When you don't understand a word translations come in handy and are a quick solution in order to understand its meaning.

What nobody is telling you is that translations...

  • are not always precise and possible.
    • don't help memorizing and remembering a word
    • let you always "switch" from Italian to your language.
    •  don't help you to "think" in Italian.
    •  are the number one reason why you get stuck when you speak or write.
    • don't help to express yourself correctly.

    The solution? 

    Start using dictionaries that explain an italian word in Italian

    Rockstar del Dizionario teaches you how to use monolingual Italian dictionaries in a smart way.

    rockstar del dizionario the italian coach

    The course is perfect for you if...

    • you are serious about learning Italian.
    • you read a lot, watch many videos/movies with subtitles or listen to a lot of podcasts with transcripts.
    • you want to learn Italian on your own.
    • you often translate in your head when speaking or writing.
    • you still make many mistakes when speaking or writing.
    • you have solid basic skills in Italian (at least A2 / A2-B1).

    The course is not for you if...

    • you are looking for quick and easy hacks to learn faster. 
    • Italian is not a long term project for you.
    • you are a complete beginner.
    • you think it's a teacher's responsibility to "teach" you Italian.

    This course helps you to...

    • learn how to use a dictionary.
    • learn my 9 step method to memorize and remember new vocab and expressions long term.

    • reduce your "getting stuck" moments when speaking Italian.

    • make fewer grammatical and pronunciation mistakes.

    • get independence from an "human dictionary" (teacher).

    • save a lot of money and time (human dictionaries are expensive and not available 24/7).

    •  learn priceless principles that you can apply to any other language.

    This course does not teach you Italian. It teaches you how to learn Italian alone with any content you love without a teacher.

    Learning to speak a language is mainly all about being able to internalize and remember words and structures.

    The course includes techniques and principles that I teach during my coaching sessions. I use those methods myself for all foreign languages I learn.

    A Chinese proverb says: "Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime."

    Walter, Stati Uniti

    Non ho mai preso in considerazione di usare dizionari italiani per imparare l'italiano,  ma ora posso dire che senza dubbio Rockstar del Dizionario ha completamente cambiato in positivo il mio modo di imparare l'italiano. Quando parlo ho notato che giĆ  mi blocco di meno. Grazie mille, Moreno!

    How does Rockstar del Dizionario work?

    It's simple:

    • Read the e-book and familiarize with the concepts about monolingual dictionaries.
    • Watch the explainer videos (a picture is worth a thousand words).
    • Put into practice the 9 steps to memorize new words and start becoming a rockstar del dizionario.
    • Celebrate your independence and progress.

    Your coach

    Hi, my name is Moreno. Since 2018 my passion and mission is to teach you how to (really) learn Italian independently and in a brave way. By doing what you love.

    What do you get exactly?

    • E-book (28 pages) in PDF 
    • 3 explainer videos (total 30 minutes): structure De Mauro, structure Wordreference and the method in use. 
    • Worksheet in PDF 
    • Bonus: E-book "Tieni viva una conversazione - 3 tecniche per sbloccarti" 

    Get Rockstar del Dizionario for
    59 USD

    (+ VAT for clients residing in the EU)

    Stacey, Stati Uniti

    Grazie mille per il consiglio di usare un dizionario monolingue! Hai aperto i miei occhi su come imparare l'italiano. 


     What if I'm not happy with the course?

    I want to learn Italian. Why should I buy a course that doesn't "teach" me Italian?

     Will I receive the course at my home?

    What level is this course for?

    Are there any English translations included?

    Can I ask you another question?

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