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Learn (how to learn) Italian with compelling "real world" content. 100% in clear spoken Italian.

learn italian with the italian coach podcast

The Italian Coach Podcast is your unconventional resource for learning Italian independently. 

What you will learn on the Italian Coach Podcast:

  • My best tips on how to learn Italian 
  • Unspoken truths about learning Italian 
  • (Italian) (Sub-)culture and society
  • Linguistic aspects
  • Interviews

And much more. Start your Italian comprehensible input immersion here!

If you would like to support me and get access to the transcripts (starting from episode 97), have a look here

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Ciao Moreno, grazie per il tuo podcast. Negli ultimi giorni, ho conosciuto il tuo lavoro e hai cambiato la mia idea di studio della lingua italiana. Grazie tanto, un saluto dal Brasile.

Mauro, via Instagram

Dear Moreno, thank you very much for your podcasts which I find very helpful and interesting. I listen to them every day in the car and at home many times. It is very generous of you to publish these resources for free to help us Italian learners. They are very well produced and I can imagine how much work you must put into them. Once again, many, many thanks!

Tom, via e-mail

This podcast itself is very effective. No matter if you listen to this or watch it on youtube. Each episode is very sofisticated, text is specially designed and at the same time is simple. I listen many other options of youtube's or podcasts' of italian language learning type, but they are not the same, or as deep as these are. The approch that Moreno's doing is unique. each of his podcast episode is complete and flavored with humor. I can't see an equal option on the market.

Tessa, via Youtube