the italian coach film al taglio

Learn to understand fast-talking Italians

Do you have a hard time understanding Italian native speakers when they talk in real life, in movies and on TV?

Fed up of watching movies with subtitles?

Feel nervous before you talk to a native speaker because you're afraid not to understand him?

Italians often don't follow rules you learn in class. Native speakers speak naturally and fast with different accents. They use expressions that you don't learn in class.


Film al Taglio is a digital listening package to train your ears to you better understand Italians who speak fast and naturally. Through movie dialogues.

The italian coach film al taglio

Who is Film al Taglio for?

The package is perfect for you if...

  • You struggle to understand Italian native speakers who speak fast in movies, in TV series and in real life.
  • You want to train actively your "Italian ears" to be able to distinguish between different accents and pronunciations.
  • You want to learn informal / colloquial expressions (including some vulgar one). 
  • You love movies.
  •  You don't have much time to improve actively your listening skills.
  • You have at least solid basic skills in Italian (min. A2 level on the CEFR).  
  • If you are looking for a short action-oriented resource that doesn't require hours of your time.

The package is not for you if...

  • You already understand movies in Italian and what most native speaker tell you.
  • You already know a vast array of informal expressions. 
  • You don't like movies.
  • You are an absolute beginner.
  • You are looking for a complete, personalized and structured course.

How will Film al Taglio help me improve?

  • You will actively practice your comprehension skills of spoken Italian.
  • You will learn expressions that Italians use often in everyday conversations.
  • You will get to know various Italian pronunciations and accents.
  • You will start to feel more confident when you have conversations with native speakers. Because if you don't understand what they are telling you, how can you answer?
  • You will learn about Italian movies (a piece of Italian culture) to put on your watch list.

film al taglio the italian coach

You can use the package whenever and wherever you want. On your coffee break, at home, commuting by train... with no stress whatsoever.

After using the package you will feel more confident in understanding spoken Italian. It doesn't matter if you're talking to someone, listening to a podcast or watching a movie.

What do people say about?

Melanie Bernhard

Social Media Marketer at

At first I was a bit skeptical to do listening exercises, as I was used to doing such exercises at school. But Film al Taglio is different. I love the fact that it uses  movie dialogues to do it. So I'm getting used to real spoken Italian and it's actually a lot of fun.  What helped me  most was the breakdown of sounds and the different speeds of the dialogues. I hoped to work on my listening skills, but I learned so much more and I now have even some Italian movies to put on my watch list.  If there'll ever be a sequel, I'd buy it immediately :-)

Film al Taglio testimonial the italian coach

Paulina Silva

Medical Technologist

I'm learning Italian and I'm making much more progress with Film al Taglio. You can listen to dialogues, idioms and useful expressions in a much more didactic way. Since I am studying alone this method is easier and helps me a lot. If you love movies it's a great resource. I can warmly recommend it for Spanish-speakers.

How does Film al Taglio work?

  • Read the instructions in the PDF and start doing the listening exercises with the movie dialogues
  • Compare what you have transcribed with the original transcript.
  • Read the explanations on sounds to understand why you couldn't catch some words and expressions. Discover the differences between various Italian accents.
  • Do the bonus exercises to repeat and learn some of those expressions in other contexts.
  • Learn more about those movies and additional exercises you can do to improve your skills.

Who created Film al Taglio?

Hi, my name is Moreno. I'm here to help you learn Italian independently in a brave and fun way. Learn Italian doing what you love. Make it memorable.

What will I get exactly?

Film al taglio the italian coach
  • 6 memorable dialogues taken from 6 Italian movies as listening exercises. Bonus: You'll get one more dialogue (for a total of 7) from a movie included in the pack.
  • Dialogues recorded at natural and slow speed (with my voice).
  • Links to the original scenes.
  • Explanation of sounds and vocabulary / expressions.
  • Information and trivia about the movies and description of scenes the dialogues are taken from.
  • 12 short dialogues as bonus listening exercises.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the resource and advice how to further improve your skills.

38 audio files (mp3) + 49 pages booklet (pdf)

Please note that all the content is in italian.

Get Film al Taglio for
47 USD 

(+ VAT for customers who live in the European Union)

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