The Italian Coach Courses

Here you can find courses to help you learn (how to learn) Italian on your own and become a true Rockstar dell'italiano. All courses are in Italian.

Methods how to learn Italian

rockstar del dizionario the italian coach

Rockstar del Dizionario

E-book & video course: Learn how to use dictionaries in a smart way in order to avoid mental translation, and how to boost memorization of words and expressions with my 9 step method.

Non bloccarti piĆ¹ quando parli italiano

Tieni viva una conversazione

E-book & audio. What to do if you get stuck while you're speaking Italian? Learn 3 techniques to get unstuck quickly.

Improve your Listening

14 day italian movie listening challenge

14 Day Italian Movie Listening Challenge

E-Mail course. Understand fast Italian. 14 days, 14 dialogues, 7 movies. Every day directly in your inbox. Give your ears a daily challenge and improve your Italian listening comprehension with active listening exercices. 

The italian coach film al taglio

Film al Taglio

E-book & audio: Active listening exercises, analysis of accent, pronunciation and sounds of spoken Italian and much more. Through 6 dialogues taken from Italian movies.

Free courses

improve italian listening skills with movies

How to use your favorite movies to boost your listening comprehension

Free e-book and worksheet on how to turn your Italian movie night into a listening improvement session.