Learn to speak italian through short stories: 

Cappuccetto Rosso (Little Red Riding Hood)

Please note that all the content (pdf & audio mp3) is in italian! 

Improve your italian...

  • In small doses (just one short story as starting point. You won't be overwhelmed with endless material).
  • Have fun.
  • In a intuitive and natural way (thanks to the rich context, to the different points of view of the story and to the conversation simulator).
  • Without stress (you decide where and when to use the mp3 and pdf resources).


Are you fed up with boring italian courses, where the most important thing is studying grammar rules, but when you go to Italy you are neither able to understand, nor to speak with the locals? 

"I've been studying italian for a long time, but I'm still not able to speak it fluently and confidently..."  

This is the most pronounced sentence I hear from my students who, though, can effortlessly tell me a lot about grammar rules.

You cannot learn to speak a language well following text- or grammar books. It is like a musician who knows all the music theory, but has never listened to music and has never played an instrument.

In order to be able to speak you have to listen to and read comprehensible and interesting content in authentic italian again and again. After that you should start to speak.

What is awaiting you?

One story. Different points of view.

Listen to and read the same story (Little Red Riding Hood by the Grimm brothers) in 4 different versions. Only the verb tenses and points of view will change.

So, you'll learn grammar intuitively, without studying the rules. 

Besides, you'll consolidate vocabulary and expressions, as they'll repeat in all versions.

You can listen to 2 different audio recordings of each version:  Slow and fast.

Question & Answer

 Practice conversation without talking to a "real" person. 

How does it work? 

In the the audio I'll say a sentence regarding the story. Afterwards I'll ask you a question and you'll give a short and spontaneous answer to that question. You'll answer out loud. So, we are simulating a conversation.

You'll start more and more to think in italian and to feel more confident when speaking.

It's the same technique I use in my podcast, but here it's more structured.

Vocabulary Explanation

Here you'll get a short explanation of some of the most difficult words and expressions of Little Red Riding Hood.

Bonus: Real Conversation

Listen to (and read) a short real spontaneous conversation between Moreno and his mother, where they discuss about Red Little Riding Redhood. So you'll get accustomed to how italians talk to each other.

Ciao! I'm Moreno.
I'm convinced that a language should be learnt in a natural and fun way, not by studying endless grammar rules. I'm here to help you on your way to become a fluent and confident  speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum level required?

If you have already studied some italian (at school, in a beginner course...), or you know the basics but you cannot speak yet, you'll be fine with these resources. In short, if you are not an absolute beginner you can benefit from this story.

I'm at an more advanced level, does is make sense to use these resources?

Sure. Especially because your reading comprehension can often be advanced, while your listening and conversation skills are at a (much) lower level. Besides, you can always learn new vocabulary and expressions and consolidate the grammar structures.

But, if you are already able to speak italian quite confidently and fluently and you understand movies in italian without subtitles, these resources are NOT for you.

Are there any english translations included?

No there aren't. It's not because I want to annoy you, it's just because you should get familiar with not constantly translating in your mother tongue.

When you read a translation your brain will start to make bidirectional associations, which is not effective when you are seriously learning a language. You'll find a guide about what you can do when you encounter words and expressions you don't know inside the ebook.

Will the resources be sent to my home address?

No. The resources are digital only. You can start to use them right after dowloading the mp3 and pdf files.

What will you exactly receive ?

28 pages ebook + 13 audio mp3 tracks

contenuto cappuccetto rosso the italian coach
  • Audio mp3 (slow and fast) of 4 different versions of "Little Red Riding Hood" by the Grimm brothers (2x in the past, 1x in the present, 1x in future).  You will learn grammar and new expressions intuitively.
  • Audio mp3 of the conversation exercises (1x in the past, 1x in the present, 1x in the future). 
  • Audio mp3 with explanation of the most difficult vocabulary of  "Little Red Riding Hood".
  • Audio mp3 of a real and spontaneous conversation about "Little Red Rinding Hood" between Moreno and his mother. So you can improve your listening comprehension by listening to a conversation between two italians.
  • Detailed guide about how to use the resources (text only).
  • Complete trascription in pdf of all audio tracks.

You'll receive all that for
27 USD

Money back guarantee

I firmly believe that this type of content and exercises can and will help you to improve your italian speaking skills. However, you are entitled to a refund within 60 days and you'll get your money back, if you are not satisfied.

Still any doubts or questions? Get in touch with me at ciao@italiancoach.net