About The Italian Coach

Have you been studying Italian but when you try to speak, you instantly freeze?

Have you tried a bunch of Italian classes, teachers, tutors, text and grammar books, but when you’re in Italy all you understand is still food words?

Have you lost the joy and motivation to learn Italian?

Hi, my name is Moreno. I’ll show you how to make learning Italian memorable! Learn Italian through stories, comics, movies and other media and content you love. Overcome your speaking struggles and communicate better with native speakers.

The Italian Coach
Grazie mille Moreno. I gained so much from my session and look forward to the next one. Moreno kept the lesson relaxed and made it easy to understand the information he presented.
F. from Australia

Once upon a time…

there was a young man passionate about languages, ​​who was visiting England for the first time. He was convinced he could communicate easily in English with all the locals.

Of course he was. He had studied English for many years. He always did all grammar exercises and answered to all multiple-choice questions and memorized lots of words. The exams he took went very well, too.

But then he was confronted with reality. When he arrived to England all of his confidence vanished.

He could hardly understand anyone. Even a simple order at the restaurant was a nightmare. He began to constantly mentally translate and to think about how to apply the grammar rules he learned.

If the restaurant hadn’t closed, he would still be there thinking about what to say.

This was the beginning…

of the story that slowly led me to a totally different approach to language learning and teaching. I knew I had to change the way I had been learning English so far.

At almost the same time I was seeing a guitar coach, as my guitar playing was stuck and I was loosing the joy of playing.

This coach was different: He didn’t “feed” me with hundreds of unmusical “stock” exercises and didn’t tell me I had to learn this before that.

He showed me how to explore and experience joyfully the guitar by myself. Putting the emphasis on using materials and songs that I love, to expand my technical and musical abilities.

How is this related to learning Italian?

So many teachers, online courses and textbooks out there focus on teaching you the Italian language itself. They explain to you the rules and the exceptions. They want you to do “fill in the blanks” exercises. They tell you have to learn this tense before you can move on to the next tense.

Can this be enjoyable, engaging and effective?

Putting the focus on that stuff simply doesn’t work, if you really want to understand and speak real life Italian effortlessly.

What if we change perspective by focusing on the content and the information we get through Italian?

The moment I began to use stories, comics, podcasts, movies and so on, I regained enthusiasm in learning English and noticed soon great improvement. And it didn’t feel like learning at all!

Let me reveal you a not so well kept secret: Anybody can learn Italian, but nobody can teach you to speak it. You can only learn it by yourself.

You just need the right approach and strategies. The starting point is to enjoy the process and to have fun. It’s time to break free from boring oldfashioned learning habits and methods and make learning Italian personal and thus memorable!

So, here I am now. Helping you to improve your Italian listening comprehension and speaking skills by doing what you love!

This was my first lesson with Moreno. It was excellent. Moreno was tolerant, attentive, engaging, flexible and very supportive. I couldn’t have asked for more in a teacher. I am about to book another session and I’m really looking forward to it.

A. from UK

Who is this Italian Coach guy?

When I’m not coaching, creating podcasts or writing stories, I love to play guitar, learn languages, travel, and play with my cats.

the italian coach guitar

I grew up bilingual (Italian and German) and besides English I also speak French and Spanish at different levels.

In my former life I had a few quite normal office jobs in the Insurance branch and I also worked as German-Italian Translator.

So, I’m a native Italian speaker, but also a language learner like you. By the way, Russian is going to be my next language learning project…

Yes, sometimes I mess all those languages up, but I would never change this situation.

My aim is not to be able to speak them all perfectly, but to speak them fluently. Fluency isn’t about perfection. I see languages as the key to the world’s doors. That’s exactly what I want for you with your Italian!

Moreno is a friendly teacher who made the lesson fun so I could relax and begin to try speaking. It was more like a conversation than a teacher-student lesson which helped to take away a lot of my fear. Thank you so much for your patience. 🙂

A. from Australia