About The Italian Coach

Struggling with understanding and speaking Italian? Let me show you how to (really) learn it doing what you love. 

Does this sound familiar?

You attended dozens of expensive Italian classes.

Your bookshelf is full of Italian grammar and text books.

Maybe you also tried some of those apps that promised you fast results with no effort. 

Still you almost only understand food words when you are in Italy or watch a movie. 

And when you try to speak, you simply freeze.

You feel that your dream of being able to understand and speak to your Italian friends and family will never come true.  Because "Italian is so hard", "something is wrong with me", "I'm not good enough". 

Please, stop thinking that! 

I hear your pain. I've been there, too.

Moreno Pontoriero The Italian Coach

Hi, my name is Moreno. I'm passionate about teaching you how to (really) learn Italian. Using content and methods that bring the joy back into learning.

I grew up bilingual (Italian and German) and can speak three more languages at different levels. Oh, by the way, I live in the sixth smallest country in the world (can you guess which one?) with my wife and my crazy five cats.

After trying  many methods to learn a language, I can tell now what really works in the long run. That's why everything I'm creating and teaching is not build from theory but from practical experience. With myself and all the learners I helped so far.

Ciao Moreno. Grazie mille per tuo podcast. Il tuo podcast è unico e molto utile!
Se l'avessi trovato qualche mese fa, non avrei creduto i tuoi consigli. Ma ora ho più l'esperienza nell'apprendimento di italiano e so che hai ragione.

Olga, podcast listener, via e-mail

How it all started

The Italian Coach
Once upon a time there was a young man, who was visiting England for the first time. He was convinced he could communicate easily in English with all the locals.

Of course he was. He had been studying English at school for many years.

But then he was confronted with reality. When he arrived to England all of his confidence vanished.

The receptionist at the hotel seemed to talk a different language.  Even a simple order at the restaurant was a nightmare. He began to constantly think about how to form sentences that make any sense.

If the restaurant hadn't closed, he would still be there thinking about what to say.

This was the beginning...

of the story that led me to a total different approach to language learning.

At almost the same time I was seeing a guitar teacher once a week.

He was not one of those traditional teachers, his approach was different: He didn't "feed" me with unmusical text book exercises and didn't tell me I had to learn this before that.

He taught me instead how to learn, explore and experience the instrument by myself. Mainly by using materials and songs that I love. I began to learn from sources I really was passionate about .  He was about to turn me into a brave and bold independent learner. 

How is this related to learning Italian?

Experiencing and enjoying more and more this kind of approach I began to replicate it with all the languages I had been learning so far. And it was the best decision I could ever make. I finally started to see learning a language not as pain but as a joy again. As my skills became better and better, I knew that I somehow accidentally had found the key to really learn a language.

Too many online courses and schools out there just focus on teaching you the Italian language itself. They explain to you the rules. They want you to do grammar drills. They tell you have to learn "this" before "that". They let you memorize endless vocabulary lists. Their lessons are structured sequentially. They simply don't teach you how to learn effectively.

Your brain doesn't work like that.  And worse, you will end up with knowing everything about Italian, but not being able to actually use the language.

So, what if we change perspective by focusing on the content, the entertainment and the information we can get through Italian? Like stories, movies, podcasts, comics... Content first, language second. That's the main key to long term success.

Let me reveal you a not so well kept secret:

I firmly believe that nobody can "teach" you Italian. You have to acquire it by yourself.

What you need are the right mindset,  effective methods and compelling content.  That's all.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Are you ready to become a brave and independent "rockstar of Italian"? 

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