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Boost your Italian listening skills with your favorite movies in 15 minutes a day

improve italian listening skills with movies

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Learn (how to learn) italian through your passions

Moreno Pontoriero the italian coach

Buona vigilia di Natale Moreno!!! Un Grande abbraccio!!!! Ti ringrazio per il tuo lavoro. Grazie a te oggi posso scrivere in Italiano e parlare con miei Familiari Semplicemente Grazie.


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Ciao Moreno, grazie per il tuo podcast. Negli ultimi giorni, ho conosciuto il tuo lavoro e hai cambiato la mia idea di studio della lingua italiana. Grazie tanto, un saluto dal Brasile.


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Where to start?

the italian coach podcast

The Italian Coach Podcast

The unconventional podcast for aspiring independent rockstars dell'italiano. My best tips on how to learn Italian, mindset, uncomfortable truths, Italian (sub-)culture, society, linguistic aspects, "conversation simulators" and much more. 100% in clear Italian.

The three pillars of a successful independent learner


It all starts with having the right mindset. Get rid of common language learning misconceptions. Italian is not "teachable". Learn it by yourself. Be independent!


There are supposedly hundreds of ways to learn Italian but not all of them really work to reach a confident comprehension and speaking level. The safest methods are often the least effective. Be brave!


The Italian content you use has to be compelling, so that you will establish an emotional relationship. Content first, language second. Use what you really enjoy!

Who am I?

Hey! I'm Moreno. My mission and passion is to teach you how to learn Italian independently doing what you love.

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